10 Creative Ways To Reinvent Potato Latkes This Hanukkah

While traditional latkes are delicious, we’ve found 9 other recipes that put a twist on the classic potato pancake.

18 Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Are Actually Kinda Cute

‘Tis the season… for ugly Christmas sweaters. Whether you’ve got an ugly sweater contest at work, an ugly holiday sweater party with your friends, or you sport your sweater at your family’s holiday get… Read More

50+ Places To Stuff Your Face on Thanksgiving

No plans for Thanksgiving? No biggie. New York is the best city to not cook in. If you’re kitchen is too small, you normally eat dinner sitting on your couch or your oven is too tiny to fit a turkey, let one of the best restaurants in town make it for ya.

Lather Up With Caru Skincare’s Handmade Organic Soap

Let’s face it: there are an endless number of skincare companies out there. Most claim to do wonders for your skin and change the way you feel and look. But New York City… Read More

Treat Yo’ Self: 20 Yummy Places to Get a Birthday Treat

Whether you’re buying a treat for yourself (you deserve it!), getting a little gift for a friend or throwing a birthday party, you need to know where in NYC to buy the ultimate sugary sweets.

22 Acceptable Ways To Wear a Blanket To Work

Here are 22 of our all-time favorite blanket coats, ponchos and capes to rock when it gets too cold to function.

Why Kalyn of Gallivanting Girls Is The Queen of Vintage Decor

Kalyn McCutcheon of Gallivanting Girls capitalizes on her love for used “junk.” You know what they say, one person’s trash is another one’s treasure, and that idiom has never rung more true that to this online shop owner.

Hands Down: The 23 Hottest Nail Colors for Fall

From navy blues to deep reds, these 6 color trends will keep you on the right track when it comes to choosing a shade.

Tricked Out Treats: 16 Scary-Good Halloween Desserts

Wow your guests with these 16 Halloween desserts that are so good, it’s scary.

The 9 Best Places To Buy A Halloween Costume

Whether you’re going to a Halloween party this year, decking yourself out for a show or heading to the local bar, don’t leave home without a killer costume. You could pick one up at… Read More

31 Fashionable Finds That Scream Halloween

These scary-good finds are for the girl who hates costumes but loves Halloween.

7 Terrifying AHS Freak Show Costume Ideas

Whether you want to channel washed out ringmaster Elsa Mars, the horrifying Twisty the Clown or the innocent charm of Maggie Esmerelda, we’ve got AHS Freak Show costume ideas that’ll help you literally win Halloween!

Win Halloween With These Spook-tacular DIY Manis

Even if you’re not dressing in full costume this Halloween, these creepy nail art ideas will definitely get you feeling festive. Sure, you could paint your nails orange and black, but the folks… Read More

Julie Thevenot’s Jewelry Is Truly One-of-a-Kind

Julie Thevenot was born in the South of France. She studied art and graphic design in Paris before she ventured to NYC to fulfill her 15-year-old dream of becoming a designer. She arrived in the city… Read More

Dye Job: 18 Bold Hair Hues We’re Loving

There are some things in life that just can’t be explained. And one of them is our love for jewel-toned hair, whether it be blue, pink, purple or green.

Light Up Your Space With Brooklyn Candle Studio

We had the fantastic opportunity to chat with Tamara Mayne of Brooklyn Candle Studio, smell all of her crazy-awesome candles and chat about inspirations, sustainability and of course: favorite restaurants!

12 Awesome East Village Spots You Have To Visit

Want to have the ultimate day in the East Village? Andrea Czachor of Danny Meyer’s Maialino shares all of her favorite spots and how to pack them all in to a fun-filled [and delicious] day in New York City.

Word Play: Commune and Memoir Describes NYC In One Word

Commune and Memoir is a cool new brand that’s taking word play to a new dimension. We interviewed founder and designer Laura De Valencia to learn more.

Why Maialino’s Jason Pfeifer Should Be Your New Favorite Chef

We had a chance to sit down with the ultra talented Jason Pfeifer of Maialino to learn more about his passions, guilty pleasures and what he recommends at one of NYC’s best Italian restos!

39 Places To Get Really Good Coffee in Manhattan

While you may be a fan of Starbucks’ PSL or Dunkin’s classic taste, give these 38 sweet Manhattan coffee shops a try.

Carl Hall’s Work Out Class is Actually Fun

Carl Hall actually makes you enjoy working out with his ride class at Crunch. We sat down with the trainer extraordinaire to discuss his inspirations, work out tips and what’s on his workout playlist!


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