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On February 21, 2013 by SADIERAE + CO.

So sadierae + co. recently received a Liebster Blog Award, from Delia at Shimmery Black [thanks!]. Although chain emails are annoying, this is a pretty cool concept that allows undiscovered, new writers and bloggers to discover each other.


This is how it works: Name the person who awarded you, say 11 things about you, answer the nominator’s 11 questions, nominate 5 of your favorite bloggers and list 11 questions you’d like them to answer.  Here’s the catch: the bloggers you choose must have under 3,000 followers.

11 Things You Didn’t Know about the founder of sadierae + co. 

  1. I’m addicted to TV.
  2. I drink a skim chai latte almost every day.
  3. I don’t wear heels.
  4. I love board games.
  5. I’m from NJ and never been tanning…
  6. I hate coffee.
  7. My pantry is organized by clear jars [flour, sugar, pasta, salt, etc].
  8. My life goal is to travel the world.
  9. I LOVE watching stand-up comedy.
  10. I do not own a pair of designer sunglasses.
  11. I hate old movies- except Wizard of Oz.

11 Questions, Answered:

  1. What is your current favourite song? Zedd – Lost at Sea
  2. Name a makeup product that you can’t live without. Bronzer!
  3. Books or films? Films
  4. What is your biggest makeup mistake so far? Wearing only eye-liner in middle school….
  5. What country (besides the one you live in) do you feel attracted to? Greece
  6. What is your favourite season? Love ’em all!
  7. Black or white? Black
  8. Do you read poetry? If so, name a poem that you like. Unfortunately, not.
  9. What hobbies do you have, besides beauty and fashion? Art & cooking
  10. How do you picture a perfect saturday evening? Cool Restaurant & a Movie 
  11. What type of accessory do you wear the most? Jewelry, more specifically: statement necklaces

5 11 Nominations:

  1. sun and glory – art/ photography/ food/ fashion
  2. go jane – fashion
  3. citizens of fashion – fashion
  4. bad fads – humor/fashion
  5. the sewing machine – fashion/food
  6. the style scroll – fashion
  7. – beauty
  8. the artsy forager – art
  9. hungry sofia – food
  10. the faux martha – food/crafts
  11. style on the couch – fashion

11 Questions, to be Answered by the Nominees… all in the form of “favorites”:

  1. Food:
  2. Piece of clothing:
  3. Nail color:
  4. Place you’ve traveled to:
  5. Place you can’t wait to visit:
  6. Restaurant:
  7. Movie:
  8. Book:
  9. TV Show:
  10. Cocktail:
  11. Pair of shoes:

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