Cool Off with Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches


In this almost unbearable heat wave, it’s totally acceptable to break your good eating habits with a refreshing, cold treat. Especially when that treat is an ice cream sandwich from Coolhaus. After all, it IS National Ice Cream Month.  Coolhaus is no ordinary ice cream truck.  Not only are you choosing your ice cream flavor, but you are also choosing cookies for your sandwich. This can be tricky because you have to think about what flavors would taste good together. Sure, you could be classic and go with the Tahitian vanilla ice cream with a chocolate chip cookie, or you can go totally out-there and order Beer & Pretzel ice cream with a Potato Chip Butterscotch cookie. The possibilities are essentially endless. But before picking our ‘wich, we asked for the 4 most unlikely flavor combos that are major crowd-pleasers. And because the average customer doesn’t get the opportunity to try 4 ice cream sandwiches in one sitting, we’ve got the review to make your decision a bit easier:

Root beer float

root beer float ice cream with double chocolate cookie

This one literally tastes like you’re drinking root beer.  You know how in cooking you use coffee to bring out the flavor of chocolate? Apparently it works with root beer too! The chocolate cookie is rich, but not overpowering.  If you’re craving a root beer float, this is the treat for you.

red velvet

red velvet ice cream with red velvet cookie

Although you’d think this would be a red velvet overload, it wasn’t at all. The cookie was a bit on the crunchy side, whereas my mind was telling me it was going to have the texture red velvet cake.  The vanilla-based cream cheese ice cream has little bits of red velvet cake swirled into it.  While it does not satisfy the craving of a moist, red velvet cookie, it’s certainly close. Delicious option for the red velvet lover.

photo 1

meyer lemon ice cream with vegan ginger molasses cookie

This was the most refreshing ice cream sandwich we’ve ever had. The lemon ice cream was light and tasted great with the ginger in the cookie. This cookie is perfect for you if you’re looking for a non-heavy, non-decadent, yet satisfying dessert. 

photo 3

balsamic fig marscapone ice cream with peanut butter captain crunch cookie

The most unusual sandwich of the bunch was definitely this one, and here’s the kicker: the combination tastes like an oatmeal raisin cookie.  Yes, balsamic fig marscapone ice cream is adventurous. But boy is it good! The combination with the peanut butter captain crunch cookie gives your mouth a pleasant sensation that will leave you wanting more and more. If you’re looking for adventure with a guaranteed outcome, this is your winner.

Coolhaus also offers vegan options, as well as a gulten-free cookie (coconut almond) and most of their ice creams are gluten-free! After tasting a few of these delicious cookie/ice cream goodies, we spoke with CEO, Natasha Case to find out more about our new vice.

All About Coolhaus

How & when did Coolhaus start?

“Coolhaus launched in 2009 at the Coachella Valley Music Festival. I was working as an architect at Walt Disney Imagineering, and Freya was in non-profit real estate development. We were looking for a way to make architecture more accessible and ‘digestible’ through food—to bring value through awareness and making it fun. We started making ice cream and cookies and naming the combinations after architects… and the truck was the perfect low-barrier entry way to get the brand and product out there, and be versatile in terms of neighborhood presence and events! It was also perfect timing because the ‘gourmet food truck’ movement as we know it today was just getting going.”

What cities are your trucks currently in?

“LA, Austin, Dallas, and New York. We have also taken trips to SF and Philly, to name a few other cities.”

Do you have a store front?

“Yes, in Culver City in LA, and we’re about to open in Pasadena in LA as well! We plan to open about 6 stores in the next 2 years… hopefully one will be in NYC!”

How do you come up with the flavors?

“Pushing the envelope of contemporary taste, clients also sometimes inspire us to create something unique, like when we created Landscape Bourbonism (Dirty Mint Julep ice cream) for James Corner Field Operations (The High Line architects) and David Rocky-road Well (Nutella Rocky Road on S’mores cookie) for David Rockwell’s office.”

What is your favorite cookie/ice cream combos?

“Pine Nut Lemon Rosemary cookie with Honeycomb Ice Cream ice cream, Maple Flapjack cookie with Fried Chicken & Waffles ice cream, and Double Chocolate Sea Salt cookie with Maker’s Mark Manhattan ice cream.”

Where can someone buy Coolhaus products?

“Aside from our trucks, Coolhaus is also old at almost 1,000 gourmet grocery stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts, Fresh Direct, Fairway, and more! You can see all of our retail partners by state on our website.”

What if I don’t like ice cream sandwiches [probably nobody], what can I order?

“Many things! Milkshakes, affogatos, hot and iced Blue Bottle Coffee, pints, scoops, and artisan hot chocolate in the winter. We also do soda floats for catering events.”

How much does 1 ice cream sandwich cost?

“$6 in NYC.”

Where can we most commonly find your truck?

“The best way to find us is to check out our site under the NY tab, and on Twitter [@CoolhausNY] for up-to-date details. But we always have a cart in Central Park at 80th and CPW, and frequent 53 & Park, Prospect Park. Also we have a stand at Zito’s in Park Slope on 5th Ave!”

Do you deliver?

“We do deliveries of minimum 40 sandwiches, and we need at least three days (preferably five) to construct, freezer overnight and prep for delivery.”


About Natasha Case, CEO

What is the craziest flavor request that you’ve gotten from a customer?

“I find swirling Peanut Butter and Dirty Mint Chip ice cream to be unappetizing, and people have ordered it!”

Who is your favorite pastry chef?

“Jordan Kahn”

What is your favorite dessert that you’ve ever had?

“This incredible tarragon creme brulee at L’arpege in Paris”

What is the best ice cream flavor that you’ve had and where did you get it?

“I loved this milk ice cream I had at a Japanese/French fusion prix fixe place in Paris by the Louvre that I can’t remember the name of now!”

What is your favorite NYC restaurant?

“We just ate at Franny’s the other day; that clam pizza was TO DIE for!”


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