We’ve Gotcha Covered: 21 Cute Umbrellas

Does anyone actually like the rain? Sure, it’s nice when you can stay indoors all day and nap, but if you have anywhere to be, your hair gets ruined, you can’t wear your sunnies, and you have to make sure your outfit is totally waterproof.  Rain can really ruin your day— but not if you have the proper gear! Here are 21 of the coolest umbrellas out there for those drizzling days that will make you wish for stormy weather.

Felix Rey Rain Rain Go Away Umbrella, $65

Rain Rain Go Away Umbrella

Felix Rey Kissy Face Umbrella, $65

Felix Rey Kissy Face Umbrella

MoMA New York Skyline Bubble Umbrella, $28

MoMA New York Skyline Bubble Umbrella

Zara Silver Foldable Umbrella, $20

Zara Silver Foldable Umbrella

Topshop Tie Dye Umbrella, $32

Topshop Tie Dye Umbrella

Karma Kiss Colorwheel Umbrella, $21

Karma Kiss Colorwheel Umbrella

Kate Spade New York Rain Check Umbrella, $38

Kate Spade New York Rain Check Umbrella

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dynamite Logo Umbrella, $58

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dynamite Logo Umbrella

Gina & May Starlet Compact Umbrella, $50

starlet striped umbrella

Kate Spade Saturday Zig Zag Umbrella, $35

Kate Spade Saturday Zig Zag Umbrella

Hunter Boots Bubble Umbrella, $48

Hunter Boots Bubble Umbrella

Urban Outfitters April Showers Bubble Umbrella, $20

Urban Outfitters April Showers Bubble Umbrella

American Apparel Duckhead Umbrella, $24

American Apparel Duckhead Umbrella

Lanvin Face Print Umbrella, $140

Lanvin Face Print Umbrella

Anthropologie Downpour Umbrella, $32

Anthropologie Downpour Umbrella

Felix Rey Cityscape Bubble Umbrella, $65

Felix Rey Cityscape Bubble Umbrella

Marimekko Flower Umbrella, $69

Marimekko Flower Umbrella

Topshop Raining Cats & Dogs Umbrella, $32

Topshop Raining Cats & Dogs Umbrella

Bella Umbrella Black & White Striped Pinwheel, $129

Bella Umbrella Black & White Striped Pinwheel

Fulton Superslim Nautical Floral Umbrella, $23

Fulton Superslim Nautical Floral Umbrella

Paperchase Owl Umbrella, $23

Paperchase Owl Umbrella