Understatement: 24 Dainty Jewels You’ll Love

Say goodbye to chunky jewels and heavy chains… but don’t get rid of them just yet. Dainty and delicate baubles are hotter than ever. And what better way to make a polite and quite statement than with a finger full ‘o stacking rings or a neck with piled on pieces? We’ve never been more fond of thin, skinny jewels and after viewing these faves, you’ll know why. Snag one of these [or all 24] and you’ll be all set for Spring— or better yet: all year!

Jacquie Aiche Turquoise Waif Ring, $450

Dainty Turquoise Waif Ring

Garnish Large Line Stud, $55

Dainty Garnish Large Line Stud

Marisa Haskell Montana Necklace, $88

Marisa Haskell Montana Necklace

Laminar Hexagonal Skinny Ring, $15

Hexagonal Skinny Ring

Maya Brenner Mini Number Bracelet, $200

Maya Brenner Mini Number Bracelet

Dogeared Arrow Necklace, $54

Dogeared Arrow Necklace

General Store Thin Circle Rings, $95

General Store Thin Circle Stacking Rings

Gracelette Bracelet, $150

Gracelette Bracelet

Bing Bang Tiny Geometry Duo, $42

Bing Bang Tiny Geometry Earrings

In God We Trust Breve Necklace, $230

In God We Trust Breve Necklace

Catbird 14k Ballerina Earrings, $186

Catbird 14k Ballerina Earrings

Satomi Kawakita Black Diamond Studs, $320

Satomi Kawakita Black Diamond Studs

Another Feather Range Rings, $196

Another Feather Dainty Stacking Range Rings

Mociun Stacked Sapphire Ring, $874

Mociun Stacked Sapphire Ring

Bing Bang Lightening Bolt Studs, $42

Bing Bang Lightening Bolt Studs

Loren Stewart Diamond Bar Chain Bracelet, $291

Loren Stewart Diamond Bar Chain Bracelet

The Things We Keep Raya Ring, $58

The Things We Keep Raya Ring

Sarah Aghili Mini Circle Studs, $7

Sarah Aghili Mini Circle Studs

Catbird Tiny Corsage Bracelet, $258

Catbird Tiny Corsage Bracelet

Virginie Millefiore Triangle Ring, $40

Virginie Millefiore Triangle Ring

Grace Lee Designs Dot Earrings, $115

Grace Lee Designs Dot Earrings

Kathleen Whitaker Staple Stud, $45

Kathleen Whitaker Staple Stud

Wild Daisy Gold Midi Rings, $5

Wild Daisy Gold Midi Rings