45 Creative Ways To Use Washi Tape

The most popular DIY trend in home decor right now happens to be fool-proof. Washi tape, the Japanese version of masking tape, has literally taken the design world by storm. We all have those creative DIY ideas, but sometimes we’re lazy or can’t block out enough time to see a project through from start to finish. That’s where washi tape comes in. The best part is that it’s for everyone under the sun, from super creative folk to those who can’t draw a stick figure. That’s because it’s seriously EASY! Washi tape is removable, too… so don’t worry about messing up or the permanence. How great for dorm rooms or apartments?! With so many different colors and patterns to choose from, washi tape is LIFE-CHANGING… and here are 45 creative ways that prove it.

1. Washi Tape Powercords, via Design Love Fest

Washi Tape Powercords

2. Washi Tape Picture Frames, via Design*Sponge

washi tape picture frames

3. Washi Tape Colorful Dots, via Moments to Live For

washi tape dots

4. Washi Tape Neon Accents, via Decor8

washi tape neon frames

5. Washi Tape Calendar, via Decoesfera

6. Washi Tape Bracelets, via Poppytalk

washi tape bracelets

7. Washi Tape Letters, via Polka Dot Chair

washi tape letters

8. Washi Tape Wallpaper, via Brit + Co

washi tape wallpaper

9. Washi Tape Door Edge, via Design Crush

washi tape door edge


10. Washi Tape MacBook Cover, via James Mattison

washi tape macbook

11. Washi Tape Thumbtacks, via How About Orange


12. Washi Tape Dolls, via Tea Wagon Tales

washi tape dolls

13. Washi Tape Cups, via Natural Life

14. Washi Tape Book Covers, via eHow

washi tape book covers

15. Washi Tape Windows, via French by Design

washi tape windows

16. Washi Tape Jars, via Little Helsinki

washi tape jars

17. Washi Tape Rainbow Wall, via Ann Kelle


18. Washi Tape Pencils, via Confetti Sunshine

washi tape pencils

19. Washi Tape Charger Labels, via Best Product Gadgets

washi tape charger labels

20. Washi Tape Lampshade, via Red Ted Art

washi tape lamp

21. Washi Tape Take Out Container, via Washi Tape Crafts

washi tape take out container

22. Washi Tape Vase, via Shone Frau

23. Washi Tape Headband, via Washi Tape Crafts

washi tape headband

24. Washi Tape Clutch, via Creme de la Craft

DIY Washi Tape Clutch

25. Washi Tape Spatulas, via Honey We’re Home

washi tape spatulas

26. Washi Tape Table + Chairs, via Apartment Therapy

washi tape table and chairs

27. Washi Tape Candles, via Wohn Wasabi

washi tape candle

28. Washi Tape Flags, via Brit + Co

washi tape flags

29. Washi Tape Ceiling Fan, via In My Own Style

washi tape fan

30. Washi Tape Table Legs, via Best of 2 Sisters

31. Washi Tape Dot Wall, via Fellow Fellow

washi tape dot wall

32. Washi Tape Door, via Brooklyn Bride

neon washi tape door

33. Washi Tape Accents, via Passion Shake

34. Washi Tape Rug, via Yes Missy

washi tape rug

35. Washi Tape Wall, via Apartment Therapy

washi tape wall

36. Washi Tape Table + Candles, via Santa Barbara Chic

37. Washi Tape Wrapping Paper, via Poppytalk

38. Washi Tape Striped Door, via Yes Missy

washi tape door

39. Washi Tape Charger, via 7th House on the Left

washi charger

40. Washi Tape Pen Holders, via Trendenser


41. Washi Tape Notebooks, via My Life at Playtime

washi tape notebooks

42. Washi Tape Clothespins, via Sugar & Cloth

washi tape clothespins

43. Washi Tape Diamonds, via Design*Sponge

washi tape diamonds

45. Washi Tape Fridge, via Honey & Fitz

45. Washi Tape Doorway, via A Beautiful Mess

washi tape doorway


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