Carl Hall’s Work Out Class is Actually Fun

Let’s be real: most of us do not enjoy working out. Making time for the gym and physically getting yourself there is always the toughest part, but the actual workout can be killer, too. It’s rare that you find someone or something that makes you WANT to work out. Sure, there’s the pre-wedding or pre-vacation or pre-reunion diets that motivate multiple trips to the gym, but those aren’t forever. That’s why it’s super important to figure out what works best for you — and for us, it’s spin classes. Specifically, we’re obsessed with Crunch’s “The Ride” group fitness class every Monday at 12:15pm, and that’s because Carl Hall (the instructor) is so damn good. He actually makes you enjoy working out. Every week, the class is structured a bit differently with chart-topping dance hits and remixes blasting in the studio. Carl pushes you to work harder and achieve your goals in just 45 minutes — and you won’t even look at the clock. We sat down with the trainer extraordinaire to discuss his inspirations, work out tips and what’s on his workout playlist!


Where did you grow up and how did you end up at Crunch?

Carl: My full name is Carl Donnell Hall. I graduated from Midwood High School in Brooklyn and went to FIT and Parsons College. I dropped out of school when I got a full-time job as a graphic artist. I didn’t start working out until my early 20’s and just wanted to change my career to fitness instead. So, I auditioned for Crunch in 1995 and was hired! I will say I never looked back. I can’t imagine not being in the fitness industry. I love it! And I love what I do every single day! I am happy and in good shape because of it.

What classes do you teach at Crunch?

Carl: I teach spinning classes, which we call “ride classes” at Crunch, chisel which is a full-body workout with dumbbells and abdominal classes. I am now certify to teach Zumba, too, but have not started as of yet.

What is one mistake that you see most at the gym?

Carl: Not being completely present, meaning really taking advantage of the time they are in the gym; being aware of form at all times and actually doing the work that is needed to meet your goals.

Let’s say you can’t afford to join a gym. Any advice on how to DIY a cycling class? 

Carl: If you can’t join a gym and you have a bike, ride on a bike path or lane to challenge yourself. Ride to your favorite playlist and change the gear on your bike every 5-10 min to make your leg muscles work harder. Do it with a partner or a friend!

The Ride

Are there any foods or drinks you should avoid (or eat) to prepare yourself for a ride class?

Carl: Stay away from a heavy meal before riding, but try to eat at least 30 min before you start riding. As for what to eat, it is all up to the individual. Personally, I will have a banana or fruit bar and some water, and I am good to go.

It’s so easy to fall off the bandwagon when it comes to working out. Do you have any advice?

Carl: My best advice is to first figure out where you are going to work out. It needs to be close to either home or work or you won’t realistically keep it up. Then you have to figure out what is the best time for you to work out. Is it in the morning, afternoon or evenings? Then stick to that time for all your workouts. As far as the actual workout goes, do what makes you feel like you are having fun and making the most out of your workout. For a lot of people, that’s classes!

Who or what inspires you most when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle?

Carl: I am inspired by all who have done this before me and those who are following me. I am also inspired by people who really are taking control of their lives and enjoying their journey.

If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and where would it be?

Carl: I would love to have lunch with Whitney Houston! Mmmmm…. at the Blue Water Grill in Union Square.

What’s on your work out playlist right now?

Carl: Here’s my top 5:

Carl: YES! You can always take classes or workout at Crunch whether you are a member or not. Crunch has a daily rate… non-members can check with their local gym.

Download a FREE guest pass, right here… and if you can’t get your butt to a NYC gym to experience Carl for yourselves, check him out on CrunchLive!