Studio Visit: Julie Thevenot Jewelry

Julie Thevenot was born in the South of France. She studied art and graphic design in Paris before she ventured to NYC to fulfill her 15-year-old dream of becoming a designer. She arrived in the city with nothing — no friends, no job and without knowing English. Nine years later, Julie owns her own company that’s run out of her beautiful and quirky studio in Williamsburg and, of course, speaks English fluently. Her beaded jewelry is a real stand out. Everything is made by hand, one-of-a-kind and well-thought-out. She’s one designer to definitely keep your eye on.

julie thevenot jewelry

Julie’s a self-starter. She started her own business in 2008 and now sells her pieces at Beklina, Need Supply, Assembly and Urban Outfitters, to name a few. Recently, she was commissioned by J.Crew to create a massive wall hanging for their store in LA. We love her quirky, colorful and artistic style. Read on to learn more about her journey and where to get your hands on some gorgeous jewelry and rad wall hangings.

julie thevenot studio

What is your most-favorite piece that you’ve ever made?

I’m really loving the 60 wall hangings right now.

What inspires you most when it comes to being creative?

Amazing interiors and contemporary cabins, music and art.

julie thevenot studio

julie thevenot studio

Tell us a bit more about the materials you use.

I use very simple materials that you can find in architecture, such as wood. So far, my favorite material on earth to work with is wood. But I also use metal, concrete and glass. The fringe on the wall hangings and the beads in my necklaces are all hand dyed. I love playing with different color combinations.

julie thevenot jewelry

julie thevenot jewelry

What is one tool you can’t live without when it comes to making your jewelry?

Color dyes! All the beads are hand dyed, which is what I feel makes the pieces so unique.

What advice would you give to other artists or designers trying to launch their business?

I would say just go for it! It’s never too late. I started my own thing pretty late. Also, while it’s nice to be your own boss, it’s not for everybody. In my case I work alone and don’t interact with too many people, but I envy those that works with others.

julie thevenot jewelry-edit julie thevenot jewelry

Is there someone you’d love to collaborate with?

I would love to design a set for a music show, like a DJ or a band.

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry that you own?

Aside from this one necklace I wear all the time, I don’t wear too much jewelry. I’m simple. But I do love this this mood ring that I bought at a store in the California desert.

julie thevenot

What do you like to do on your day off?

I never take a day off in the unless there is a snowstorm, then I will go riding upstate. But on weekends I like to be outside!

What is your favorite restaurant in Brooklyn?

I like Isa in Williamsburg, especially because of the decor.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Fish tacos and pastries!!!

photos by Jake Benrubi