7 Terrifying AHS Freak Show Costume Ideas

American Horror Story is a gold mine when it comes to Halloween. From the sets to the costumes to the storyline, everything about this mini series screams spooky inspo. This season’s Freak Show is no exception. Whether you want to channel washed out ringmaster Elsa Mars, the horrifying Twisty the Clown or the innocent charm of Maggie Esmerelda, we’ve got ideas that’ll help you literally win Halloween!

american horror story freak show

Elsa Mars

To dress like the washed out Queen Bee of the Freak Show, you must first choose which stage look to go with. For the two most recognizable looks, you could go with a red and white striped gown and a top hat. For her performance look, a blue suit and heavy makeup are key! Either way, you’ll need that 40s style curly wig and a red pout. As for shoes, any classic 40s or 50s pump would do just fine. Just don’t forget that Russian accent!

else mars - american horror story freak show

Twisty The Clown

Twisty has got to be the scariest clown in history. To get his terrifying look, check out the awesome makeup tutorial below. A vintage clown costume is another key to this look. We found a black and white one on Etsy, but it’s crucial to dirty it up a bit. For shoes, a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse would work great. Props could include vintage juggling pins and a white drawstring bag.

twisty the clown - american horror story freak show

Bette and Dot Tattler

Clearly, the most important part of this costume is a second head. You can purchase a plastic one online like the one below, just don’t forget to buy a wig for it! To have the exact same hair, you should probably buy two wigs. For her stage look, get yourself a vintage satin dress. You could also go with their other iconic look when they first arrive at the Freak Show, a classic peach dress and a vintage suitcase. For shoes, a simple ballet flats or a vintage heel would work. Top off the look with headbands that you can create easily with satin ribbon.

bette and dot - american horror story freak show costume

Ethel Darling

We’ll admit, dressing as this bearded lady is not the sexiest of costumes. But it’s definitely one that’ll earn you major points and stellar photos! Ethel’s day look involves a vintage house coat, but for her stage look the key is a kimono and a flapper-esque headband. Either way, you’re going to need a beard!

ethel darling - american horror story freak show costume - bearded lady

Desiree Dupree

The “triple-titted” woman is all about sex appeal and elegance. When she arrives at the Freak Show, she wears a red wrap skirt and boob tassels, but if you want to interpret the look without going all in, a simple red dress will do the trick. Just don’t forget that third boob! You can buy one online and with a little makeup, you’ll be Desiree Dupree in no time. For makeup, go with fake eyelashes, rouge on the cheeks, red lips and red nails, which’ll all help you nail this bombshell’s look.

Desiree Dupree - american horror story freak show costume

Dandy Mott

This creepy man child is one of the easiest looks to copy. Top a button down shirt with a blue v-neck sweater and tuck both into a pair of white chinos. Add a braided belt, a vintage chunky ring and grease up your hair to complete the look. Get into character by saying creepy things, whining a lot and drinking cognac.

dandy - american horror story freak show costume

Maggie Esmerelda

Maggie’s look is classic 40s. Pair an olive green or brown midi skirt with a short sleeve sweater, top with a hat and a gold brooch and you’re pretty much right on point. Some accessories and red lips will top off the look. Oh, and don’t forget those goldilocks!

Maggie Esmerelda - american horror story freak show costume

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