22 Acceptable Ways To Wear a Blanket To Work

Blankets are the best. You can cuddle up with them on the couch, they comfort you when you’re cold or sick, and they ultimately make you feel warm and cozy. Luckily, it’s now an acceptable thing to wear one outside your dwelling. Like, you could wear a blanket to work, on a date or even to a bar — and you won’t look like a homeless person, we promise. Here are 22 of our all-time favorite blanket coats, ponchos and capes to rock when it gets too cold to function.

burberry blanket coat

Burberry Color Block Check Blanket Coat, $1,395

zara poncho coat

Zara Poncho Coat, $249

mara hoffman blanket coat

Mara Hoffman Blanket Poncho, $232

isabel marant blanket coat

Isabel Marant Striped Wool Blanket Coat, $1,395

zara blanket poncho

Zara Two-Tone Poncho, $60

brixton barry blanket poncho

Brixton Barry Poncho Blanket, $80