18 Candles That Look As Good As They Smell

You know that saying never judge a book by its cover? It doesn’t apply to candles. Frankly, it doesn’t always apply to books either, in our world — but back to candles. It’s very easy to choose a candle by scent. Whether you’re obsessed with citrus, a lover of florals or admirer of warm, woodsy scents, we all have our own tastes. But the way a candle smells is just part of the deal. Packaging can be just as important as the scent it gives off, which is why we’ve picked out our all-time favorite candles that look good all while making your home smell good… just in time for gift-giving season!

Brooklyn Candle Studio Spiked Apple Cider Candle

Brooklyn Candle Studio Spiked Apple Cider, $19

These American grown soy wax candles not only look pretty, but they smell amazing, too. They’re hand poured in Brooklyn and come in delicious-smelling scents like Black Currant, Spiked Apple Cider, Grapefruit and Cedarwood Vanilla.

produce candles

Produce Fig Candle, $24

Made in Charleston, SC, these seasonal candles are created depending on what’s locally harvested. They’re made of natural soy wax and have an approximate burn time of 50-70 hours. The fresh veggie scents include kale, carrot, honey and our personal favorite, fig.

woodlot candle

Woodlot Recharge Candle, $29

These Canadian candles smell as pretty as they look. They’re made of petroleum-free coconut wax and come in three refreshing smells. Check out Recharge, a blend of rosemary and mint.

diptyque candle in vanilla

Diptyque Vanille Candle, $60

One of the most coveted candles for fashionistas is this Diptyque vanilla candle. It burns for 60 hours and has a light floral stench with hints of vanilla and woody accents. These French beauties come in a ton of other scents, too.

ms. betty's original bad-ass candle

Ms. Betty’s Original Bad-Ass Bitch Candle, $18

There’s something so charmingly witty about Ms. Betty’s candles. The cool part is that you can pick your text on the jar as well as your scent, so they truly make the perfect, customizable gift. Options for text include Bad-Ass Bitch, Blow Me A Big Fat Kiss, Soy Glad We’re Friends and You’re F’N Awesome Just Like Me — sooo snarky. And the 45 hour burning candles come in brown sugar and fig, pink grapefruit, spearmint and eucalyptus — even citrus and chili pepper scents.

Carriere Freres cinnamon candle

Carriere Freres Cinnamon Candle, $44

These beautiful French candles burn for 20 hours and come in a simple white porcelain cup. This cinnamon candle is perfect for the holidays!

meow meow tweet lemon candle

Meow Meow Tweet Eucalyptus Lemon Candle, $26

Brighten up your day with this eucalyptus lemon soy candle from Meow Meow Tweet. The citrus candle burns for 65 hours and comes in a reusable glass jar. The other lovely scents include cedar fir, geranium basil, grapefruit clove, lavender rosemary — and there’s even an insect repellent option!

Land Candle in rose

Land Candle in Rose, $12

These handmade in New York candles are chic, beautiful and all natural.

A.P.C. Feuille de Figuier Candle

A.P.C. Feuille de Figuier Candle, $45

Simple candles don’t have to mean basic. This lovely hand poured candle features a fig tree scent and burns for 50 hours, plus it’ll look good on any shelf.

izola rosemary candle

Izola Rosemary Candle, $35

The beautiful colored glass is just one reason why we love these hand poured vegetable wax candles. They burn for 60 hours and all the fragrances are created with both a woman and a man in mind. Green moss, lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, elderflower and rosemary are just some of the magnificent scents.

steven alan yuzu candle

Steven Alan Yuzu Soy Beeswax Candle, $40

For their 20th anniversary, Steven Alan created this handmade candle with a yuzu scent. The reusable Weck jar adds to the rustic charm of this modern candle.

tatine tisane love that burns candle

Tatine Love That Burns Candle$19

The packaging of these natural vegetable wax candles is so eye-catching! This 16-hour burning candle smells like bittersweet lemons and roses, but there are plenty of other cool scents to choose from in this bold collection.

mimosa good candle

Good Candle in Mimosa, $80

The only thing better than this mimosa candle is an actual mimosa, but this sweet smelling one was created with the New York brunch scene in mind. The candles are made in Brooklyn, burn for 125 hours and come in other scents like basil, rose, lemon poppy, fig and campfire.

tom dixon scent air candle

Tom Dixon Air Candle, $115

Tom Dixon’s luxury candles are beautiful. The “Air” scent smells like a light and crisp floral with a hint of citrus — an ideal scent for a relaxing atmosphere.

Rosy Rings Earl Gray Candle

Rosy Rings Earl Gray Candle, $18

You could pour yourself a cup of hot tea, orrrr you could get yourself one of these delicious smelling candles. They earl gray scent is just one of many yummy-smelling candles from Rosy Rings, which include antique clove, honey tobacco, rosewater and tomato vine.

mermaid no.1 candle

Mermaid No.1 Candle, $50

Turn your mermaid dream into reality with a dose of orange blossom ocean breeze. This citrus-smelling soy candle burns for 60-70 hours and smells faintly like a day at sea.

Mojito Candle

(Malin + Goetz) Mojito Candle, $52

These earth-friendly, natural candles burn for 60 hours. While there are plenty of scents to choose from, the mojito candle with hints of lime and mint is a definite favorite.

world market green tea candle

World Market Green Tea Frosted Tumbler Candle, $15

Green tea isn’t just good for drinking — it’s also good for smelling. This candle is scented with notes of jasmine and honey and creates a serene atmosphere no matter where you are.


And if you’re planning to gift any of these, nothing goes better with a lovely candle than a cute set of matches — but not just any matches. Here are some of our favorites:

Winter Night Matches

Skeem Winter’s Night Fireplace Matches$14

cocktails black matches

Social Type “Cocktails” Long Matches, $10

match giftboxes

Michelle Christensen Match Giftboxes, $20 for 5

social type gold foil matches

Social Type Gold Foil Printed Matches, $10


Skeem Magenta Matchsticks in a Bottle, $14