7 Last-Minute, Low-Budget Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day can be tricky. If you’re single, it’s the worst holiday that ever existed because it reminds you of what you don’t have. If you’re in a new relationship, it’s a holiday that excites you. If you’re in a long-term relationship, you’re kinda pissed because it’s seriously impossible to get a reservation anywhere worth going… you’re so over Valentine’s Day (but still want a gift, obvs). No matter what stage of your relationship, there’s always room for last-minute, low-budget and non-cheesy date ideas for Feb 14th. And we’ve got 7.

cooking couple

Cook Dinner Together

Start the date at a speciality grocery store, like a trip to Eataly or a stroll around Chinatown to pick up ingredients. This is not an occasion that calls for Trader Joes. Then cook something delicious and special, like sushi or spaghetti with clams. And don’t forget dessert!

Get a Massage

Better yet, have a spa day with your S.O. It’s Saturday and you two deserve some pampering. The on-a-budget version involves lighting some candles and testing your masseuse techniques on each other.

Go Art-Gallery-Hopping

Head on over to Chelsea to check out blocks of art galleries. Pop in and out, admiring the art and pretending your a critic.


Play a Game

You don’t have to be a super nerd to enjoy a good ol’ fashioned board game. And yes, strip poker counts as a game.

Get Takeout and Watch Netflix

Super low-key and you don’t even have to wear makeup. Watch a movie together or hibernate for the weekend and watch a whole season of The Bachelor… kidding.

breakfast in bed

Make Breakfast in Bed

If you live together (or if you’re planning a sleepover), breakfast in bed is a great “date” idea. Just make sure it’s extra special, like fresh baked croissants and heart-shaped eggs special.

Go to a Comedy Show

Just don’t sit in the front row. It’s Valentine’s Day so sitting in the front row is basically begging the comics to make fun of you and your beau.

hearts dog

Just please, guys, don’t skimp out on a gift. You’ll thank us later.