Scentbird Makes You Smell Like a Million Bucks

Are you sick and tired of your Britney Spears Fantasy, your Theirry Mugler Angel? It’s time for a new scent, but the mere thought of heading to a department store to test smells can be a headache. New York City’s home to a new company that’ll solve your fragrance dilemma… and just in time for Valentine’s Day. Say hello to Scentbird. This innovative brand allows you to spritz on luxury scents without the designer price tag… in the form of a subscription service. Gift idea alert!!! We got the chance to chat with co-founder Rachel ten Brink about how she came up with this brilliant idea. And guess what? She’s giving SADIERAE readers 25% off their 1st scent (use code SCENT25)!


What is Scentbird?

Scentbird is a new designer perfume subscription service, bringing you a generous 30-day supply of your choice perfume for just $14.95 a month. Choose from 350+ luxury scents packaged in a sleek purse spray that’s easy to take along. Start by answering a few quick questions to create a scent profile and build a queue of fragrances to look forward to receiving in the coming months.

How did you think of this genius idea?

We started from the point of view that there had to be better way to buy perfume. Today, about 90% of perfume is bought in a store. The experience is anything but luxurious — getting sprayed as you walk past, and once you smell 3 scents, your nose physically shuts down and you stop smelling. It’s a real thing called “olfactory fatigue”.  Online shopping is too hard, who knows what “musk” smells like? That’s why people repurchase what they already know. Scentbird was driven by the idea of choice, “how can I make this experience more pleasant and more engaging? How can we help women find the right scent for them using language and images that actually make sense to them?”

Our second inspiration was our obsession the thrill of a new fragrance.  The #1 reason women buy perfume is because they want to buy something new. However, once you buy a bottle, it lasts over a year. Women told us they felt bad about throwing out an expensive bottle, but were so bored with the fragrance by the end of it that it just sat in their dressing table for years.  We wanted to come up with a way that would make it fun and engaging to try new scents.

What does the name Scentbird mean?

We wanted something that instantly communicated perfume, and had some whimsy and personality. Scent + Bird!

In all of your research, have you found that a woman’s personality has anything to do with what scent she prefers?

I’ve done a lot of research and there is definitely a correlation between scents, personality and style. Although there are always the rule breakers. Here are some general categories:

FLORAL: Scents that come from flowers, including rose, jasmine, lily, gardenia, violet, freesia, and peony. Tend to be a little more girly and traditional in their tastes, whether it’s a great structured leather handbag or a bottle of Chanel No. 5 they gravitate towards more classic styles.

GOURMAND: “Foodie” scents like apple, melon, grapefruit, honey, berries, chocolate, orange, passion fruit, citrus, and as well as more unusual like caramel or cotton candy. Tend to be a little more quirky, they love retro styles and have an offbeat sensuality that comes from a love of scents that are both feminine and yummy.

ORIENTAL: Spicy and woody elements like sandalwood, musk, vanilla, clove, cardamom, white pepper, rosewood, dark chocolate and patchouli. These women like a sexy edge and refinement, maybe a little drama. They love fashion and perfumes that are super glam and have a grown-up sophistication.

FRESH: Think beach, nature, and the sea, with citrus, green, and ocean-inspired notes like lemon, mandarin, green tea, coconut, grass, herbs, seawater, dew, and lime. These women are energetic and outdoorsy, open and friendly. They like to keep their scents and style light and natural.

What is scent are you currently crushin’ on?

Currently, I am in love with January’s “perfume of the month”: L’Eau D’Issey Absolue.  The original L’Eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake was always one of my favorites, and this is a little richer and creamier.  The Jasmine note is delicious…

How do you choose the “scent of the month”?

It’s a really fun part of the job, I develop a theme for each month and smell hundreds of perfumes to find the right scent. We look for things that are new or “hidden gems” that our subscribers may not have smelled before.

What scent would you recommend for….


The packaging is so sleek and compact. Tell us about how you came up with it.

We wanted a design that was practical, upscale and modern.  Plus, we’re on-the-go New Yorkers, so portable was important. For the first shipment, you receive a sleek perfume case in addition to thespray vial of your choice of fragrance (at 0.3 oz., it’s waaay more than sample size- the size of a rollerball). The sleek case is metal so it’s shatterproof and the sprayer twists up and down so no more broken rollerballs spilling all over your purse or bathroom floor. The next month you can stick with a favorite or mix it up. The refill just pops into the case and you’re ready to go.

Let’s talk beauty. Are there any trends that you’re currently obsessing over?

Bold lips! I love the idea of matching a sexy lip with a sexy scent.

What’s next for Scentbird — anything you guys are working on that you’re super excited about?

We are working on a new addition to our fragrance portfolio – the VAULT. The VAULT is a curated collection of unique, rare, niche and artisanal scents that will be available to our VIP subscribers. Currently we are sifting through hundreds of fragrances to pick the perfect scents that will be a part of this offering. These are true gems in perfumery – containing pure essential oils, exceptional scents, and definitely not your average fruity-florals. This will be beyond exciting when we launch it.

Your new fragrance is waiting for you at Scentbird… and don’t forget, SADIERAE readers 25% off their 1st scent (use code SCENT25)!