20 Beyond Creative Pieces From Frieze New York

This weekend, 190+ of the world’s best contemporary art galleries featured some of the most kick-ass art we’ve ever seen at Frieze New York. While all of its attendees likely experienced a major case of overstimulation while perusing through the seemingly miles-long tent of galleries, the inspiring show was well worth the short ferry ride. If you missed it, don’t fret– we’ve got the highlight reel.

IMG_1999 IMG_2071 IMG_2089

IMG_2015 IMG_2079 IMG_2076 IMG_2074 IMG_2058 IMG_2005 IMG_2057 IMG_2033 IMG_1998 IMG_2067

IMG_2051 IMG_2068 IMG_2073 IMG_2093 IMG_2043 IMG_2055 1