20 Beyond Creative Pieces From Frieze New York

This weekend, 190+ of the world’s best contemporary art galleries featured some of the most kick-ass art we’ve ever seen at Frieze New York. While all of its attendees likely experienced a major case of… Read More

Why Kalyn of Gallivanting Girls Is The Queen of Vintage Decor

Kalyn McCutcheon of Gallivanting Girls capitalizes on her love for used “junk.” You know what they say, one person’s trash is another one’s treasure, and that idiom has never rung more true that to this online shop owner.

Studio Visit: Julie Thevenot Jewelry

Julie Thevenot was born in the South of France. She studied art and graphic design in Paris before she ventured to NYC to fulfill her 15-year-old dream of becoming a designer. She arrived in the city… Read More

Studio Visit: Brooklyn Candle Studio

We had the fantastic opportunity to chat with Tamara Mayne of Brooklyn Candle Studio, smell all of her crazy-awesome candles and chat about inspirations, sustainability and of course: favorite restaurants!

We Heart These Unique Valentine’s Day Cards

We all know Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday— so let’s use it as an excuse to buy artsy and thoughtful cards instead of perusing the greeting card aisle of our local pharmacy,… Read More

Brrrreathtaking Polar Vortex Instagrams

We know, we know— it’s frigid out there. But look at the bright side: your Instagram feed is filled with gorgeous #PolarVortex pics! Here are 13 that are totally frame-worthy from yesterday’s snow… Read More

14 Instagram Accounts to Follow NOW!

Instagram has been at the top of the social media scene for over a year now. But if you’re totally over the #selfies and #sunsets taking over your feed, check out these awesome… Read More

Find Your Inner Rebel: 7 Necessities for Bad Gals

by Shahista Lalani You know when you see those total bad-ass chicks on the street and say to yourself, “I wish I could be that cool”? Becoming a bad girl is more than… Read More

W Hotels Creates Limited Edition Skateboards for a Cause

W HOTELS OF NY PRESENT “W ROOM AND BOARDS” – A UNIQUE SKATEBOARD GUEST EXPERIENCE IN SUPPORT OF YOUTH FOUNDATION STOKED.ORG How hot are these skateboards?! Not only are the skateboard designs great to look… Read More

DIY: Natural Dye Rose Petal Ombre

Hate throwing out flowers? Use them to create natural dye for your fabric! This would be so cute to use for curtains, t-shirts, dresses, bedsheets, pillowcases, or just fabric- the sky’s the limit.… Read More

Louis Vuitton Reconstruction 3.0

Each year, Louis Vuitton sponsors The New School for a reconstruction competition in which the winning team wins a trip to Paris. This year, the competition was in collaboration with Joffrey Ballet School of… Read More


Ever since I dropped my iPhone and the back shattered, I have been looking for new, cool cases that will prevent me from getting shards of glass anywhere I put my phone. This… Read More

A Purl in the Heart of SoHo

Although I don’t knit, crochet, or embroider, I can appreciate a good yarn shop.  This is by FAR my favorite one. Purl Soho is located in the heart of New York City’s downtown… Read More


If you’re ever in Long Island City (and even if you’re not), you must visit the outdoor graffiti museum, 5Pointz–it’s worth the trip!  The brick building is plastered with amazing street art.  If… Read More



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