There’s An App For That: 13 Apps Every New Yorker Needs

We’ve rounded up 13 essential apps that all New Yorkers need.

18 ALS Ice Bucket Challenges You Need To See

At this point, you’ve probably heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge — here are 18 of our fave versions.

Watch What Happens When Guys Try Makeup For The First Time

In an effort to show men what women go through every morning, a professional makeup artist transformed five guys into beautiful ladies.

Ice Cream Selfies Are Taking Over Instagram

Have you heard? Ice cream selfies are the new selfie. If you are asking yourself, “what the heck is an ice cream selfie,” you may not be spending enough time scrolling your Instagram feed. There… Read More

The Absolute Best Met Gala Red Carpet Looks

The annual Met Gala is the most anticipated red carpet of the year, and this year’s theme was a tribute to Charles James [America's First Couturier]. In other words, we expected gowns on gowns… Read More

10 Reasons Why SJP Is Actually Carrie Bradshaw

It’s no secret that one of the biggest fashion icons of our time is a fictional character. Of course, we’re talking about Carrie Bradshaw: the stylish, city-loving columnist that starred in HBO’s fashionista… Read More

21 Iconic Catroons Sing Frozen’s Let It Go

Oh. My. Gosh. This guy is one of the most insanely talented people we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Was Your First Kiss This Heartwarming?

Instead of a traditional runway show, fashion brand Wren releases short films showcasing their collections— but they’re not your average advertisement. In fact, you may not even know what they’re selling when you watch… Read More

And The Oscar Goes To…

The Oscars red carpet, in one word, was GORGEOUS. This is what we learned tonight: White is the new “it” color. Kerry Washington’s pregnant craving is pizza. Jennifer Lawrence will always trip on… Read More

Celebrities Making Fun Of Themselves [Kind Of]

Ever wonder if celebrities see the negative comments about themselves on social media?  Well… you may want to watch what you say—or in this case, tweet. If you haven’t seen any clips of… Read More

The Power of The Selfie

Once again, Dove is redefining beauty— and this time, it’s about the power of the selfie.  The following video is a really interesting concept that we hope catches on to youngsters across the… Read More

17 Awesome V-Day Gifts For Dudes

Here’s the thing about buying gifts for your guy: you need to get him something he probably wouldn’t get for himself. Case in point, luxury grooming products, exotic chocolates, a subscription to a… Read More

20 Standout American Idol Auditions

Season 13 of American Idol is underway and in our opinion, it’s the best season yet. Although there were a lot of golden tickets handed out during the auditions, there were some definite… Read More

Fall In Puppy Love With Budweiser

OMG. This early-released Budweiser commercial already wins this year’s Superbowl and it’s not even game day! While, it doesn’t exactly sell the product [unless you get a cute sensitive guy, a free puppy… Read More

Top 10 Grammys Red Carpet Looks

Was it just us? Or was the 2014 Grammy red carpet absolutely horrendous this season? The mermaid dress trend needs to end [#sorrynotsorry]— the carpet was a total bore and the dresses were… Read More

How Adorable Is This Husky Pup?!

For a video to go viral, all you need is an adorable puppy and a funny subject. That’s where Blaze, the 11-month-old Husky pup comes in. We can’t help but smile as we… Read More

Dance Moves That’ll Make You Jealous

After watching an adorable “elderly” couple dance to Bob Marley’s Is This Love, we took it upon ourselves to dig deeper into one of YouTube’s biggest dance channels. Urban Dance Camp [the world’s… Read More

6 Stunning Hairstyles From The Globes

by Lauren Thompson The 2014 awards season kicked off with an impressively gorgeous red carpet at the 2014 Golden Globes. To top it all off [literally], there were 6 stand-out hair trends that we were… Read More

Best Dressed at the Golden Globes

If we learned anything from the 71st Golden Globe Awards, it was that red is hotter than ever! The front runners of the night’s red carpet were Amy Adams in a sexy red… Read More

Kids Shed Light On A Sensitive Subject

Kids really do say the darndest things, and this is one of those kid-friendly interviews that’s sure to make you smile.  If you haven’t seen this eye-opening video of children reacting to gay… Read More

2013: A Year In Review

2013 Was The Year Of… Cheers to a long-ass year! So much has happened across the board and we want to celebrate the accomplishments, remember the tragedies and learn from the craziness that… Read More


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