Low-Fat Greek Panzanella Salad

This is one our favorite recipes- we make it at least once a week in the summer, it’s THAT good . It’s simple, satisfying, and super low-cal!  The fat-free feta, raw garlic, and Flax… Read More

Lemon Lime Gelatin Shots Recipe

We love Jello shots: they are both snack and drink in one, they get you drunk quickly with fewer calories, AND they are tasty, refreshing and fun. In honor of summer, fresh citrus,… Read More

Best of St. Marks: Five Tacos

If you’re looking for the best, cheap tacos and burritos, you MUST try FIVE TACOS on St. Marks Place in the East Village.  This hole-in-the-wall dive is one of the best tacos we’ve… Read More

Kin Shop: Thai at Its Best

Original Top Chef winner, Harold Dieterle, opened up this hot Contemporary Thai spot in the West Village in 2010 with co-owner Alicia Nosenzo. This duo also co-own Asian/American resto, Perilla.  Kin Shop is Contemporary… Read More

Brunch at The Dutch

Today we are talking brunch; the New York City buzz word of every weekend. The Dutch is one of our new favorite neighborhood bistros for local, American comfort food at the corner of… Read More

Cherin Sushi

Looking for an affordable, tasty sushi restaurant? This East Village gem will not disappoint. Cherin Sushi has an entire menu of sushi rolls that are all under $8 [except for 2]. Of course… Read More

Cookie Monster: Top 6 Cookies of NYC

No two chocolate chip cookies are alike.  Change the ratio of butter to sugar to chocolate, and you’ve got a completely different taste and consistency.  If you’re feeling like a cookie monster and… Read More

Top 20: Best of Dine In Brooklyn 2013

It’s no secret that Brooklyn has some of the best restaurants in New York. The 10th annual Dine In Brooklyn is here! The deal? Three-course dinner for $28 per person, and three-course lunch for $20.13… Read More

Breads Bakery

If you’re looking for a cool, casual and affordable lunch spot near Union Square, look no further than Breads Bakery [18 E 16th St].

Mexican Chopped Salad with Grilled Chicken

When you’re craving Mexican food but want to avoid the calories, skip the margaritas and chips and cook at home!  Even when you opt for a salad at most mexican restaurants  it is packed… Read More

Roasted Veggie Tacos

This recipe combines two of my favorite things: tacos and roasted vegetables. In the winter and fall, I love roasting vegetables- it’s healthy, easy, and practically fool-proof.  Roasted Veggie Tacos will become a… Read More

Dig In at Dig Inn Seasonal Market

Eating healthy on-the-go is difficult.  Sure you can pack a lunch, or order a salad. But salads can get pretty pricey and dull when you’re eating them everyday. Plus, in this cold weather,… Read More

The Main Squeeze

Have you joined in on the juice craze yet? I’ll admit it took me a while to catch on, but once I did I was hooked. I love that I can “eat” 1… Read More

Bedford Cheese Shop

Bedford Cheese Shop opened in 2003 in Brooklyn, NY, but the 2nd location is right off the beaten path, tucked away on Irving Place in Gramercy Park. This place is a mecca for meat… Read More


Whenever someone tells me they are coming to New York City and looking for something fun to do, my response almost always includes “Eataly,” a foodie’s dream! The high-end Italian market megastore was first… Read More

A Community Coffee Shop: Pushcart Coffee

On a brisk Fall morning, on the return from an impromptu run along the East River, a lone coffee cart stood at the corner of 21st St and 2nd Ave. I first thought… Read More

Healthy Mac & Cheese

The other night I was feeling lazy but didn’t want to spend money on take-out. So I got creative with what was in the fridge.  Here is a recipe that is so diverse… Read More

Mas (Farmhouse)

Rustic, charming, warm, romantic, comforting, delicious. These are words I’d use to describe Mas (farmhouse) in the West Village.  Located at 39 Downing Street, this sophisticated, yet homey restaurant fulfills everything it promises from… Read More

An Easy Sushi Dinner

Eating sushi can get expensive. Here’s a take on one of my favorite foods that you can make easily and quite cheaply at home- without the bamboo rollers.   I discovered this recipe… Read More



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