Carl Hall’s Work Out Class is Actually Fun

Carl Hall actually makes you enjoy working out with his ride class at Crunch. We sat down with the trainer extraordinaire to discuss his inspirations, work out tips and what’s on his workout playlist!

I Work Out: 9 Super Stylish Gym Bags

The worst part about working out is getting enough motivation to physically get your ass there. But, as most gals will attest to, if you’ve got something to wear and the right accessories,… Read More

14 Songs To Refresh Your Workout Playlist

by Jon Sumner Swimsuit season is quickly approaching, which only means one thing: it’s time to get your butts to the gym. Bored with your workout playlist? We’re giving you one less excuse… Read More

Smile! How To Get Bright White Teeth

by Lauren Thompson Spring has finally sprung! And you know what that means… it’s time for some Spring Cleaning. While tidying up your bathroom and getting rid of old clothes are all part… Read More

New Years Resolution Solutions

by Lauren Thompson Welcome to a new year. A clean slate. A better YOU!  Today’s the day to make those resolutions and this year, you’re going to keep them for good!  All you… Read More

Pinkwashing in Pinktober

by Jessie Losch The dairy aisle has turned pink.  So, too, the cereal section, and the half of the bread aisle not taken over by Halloween candy [though some of those are pink,… Read More

The Power of the Scarf

Cancer is a very tricky subject. When you learn that a loved one, or even an acquaintance has been diagnosed, it’s a very helpless feeling. Here are 2 great gifts you can give… Read More

Fighting Cancer with Fashion

by Jessie Losch If “inspiration” could start with an F, it would perfectly describe the Fighting Cancer with Fashion event that took place at the Los Angeles Equinox on August 28th. It would describe an… Read More

Allison W. Gryphon’s Top 5 Cancer Fighting Must-Haves

THE MONTHLY SIT-DOWN WITH JESSIE LOSCH & STAGE 3A BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR ALLISON W. GRYPHON by Jessie Losch Ah, necessities.  During my 1st full summer in LA, I don’t leave the house without… Read More

Secrets of a Nutritionist

We’ve all heard that the secret to looking and feeling great is proper nutrition. But what exactly IS healthy eating? Is it eliminating carbs? Cutting out sugar? Counting calories? Going vegan? Juicing? We… Read More

ACS Fighting Cancer with Fashion Invite!

American Cancer Society finally presents the “Fighting Cancer with Fashion” event hosted by Allison W. Gryphon and Piper Gore.  Here’s your invite! Read more about Allison & Piper’s collaboration here.

Fashion for Fighters: Piper Gore x A.W. Gryphon

Fashion Shoot to Fight Cancer: Piper Gore & Allison W. Gryphon by Jessie Losch March 31st 2013. Los Angeles. I should be intimidated. I am sitting, cross-legged, on the floor of Piper Gore‘s… Read More

The Saturday Set-List: Working Out

by Jon Sumner Sick of your workout playlist? You Need To Download these, STAT! Tear up the gym while pumping some of the best tunes in town…

Savvy Sunday: Fitness Fashist

by Raquel Sigmund The buzz word of the moment is fashist, someone who judges you exclusively on your outfits. Named by Glamour Magazine as the “word of the month” in January, this noun… Read More

What the F@#- is Cancer

By Jessie Losch Allison Gryphon is a novelist and filmmaker.  She also sports the edgy haircut common to young actresses on the Oscar circuit [think Anne Hathaway & Charlize Theron] and, as in… Read More

The Main Squeeze

Have you joined in on the juice craze yet? I’ll admit it took me a while to catch on, but once I did I was hooked. I love that I can “eat” 1… Read More

Lift up your soul with SoulCycle

by Bice Grobstein Push your limits. Let your mind run wild. Pedal to the beats. Taste the sweat pouring down your face. Feel your heart beating out of your chest. Let the energy… Read More



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