Designer Spotlight: Gracelette


To say we were impressed by Brooklyn-native, Grace Cayre is a complete understatement.  Standing in her gorgeously cozy midtown apartment and home-studio, she wore a flannel, wide-framed glasses and a messy bun.  The extremely personable and charismatic jewelry designer made delicious white chocolate peppermint tea while we sat and chatted about her collection, how she gives back, and of course, our favorite local New York City spots!

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Q&A With Gracelette Designer, Grace Cayre

Grace Cayre, Gracelette

Give us a little bit of background about you and Gracelette.  How did it all begin?

I grew up with my family in Brooklyn then moved to the city for college and grad school. Gracelette started about 3 years ago.  For many years I’ve volunteered at a soup kitchen which helps to feed the homeless and I wanted to find a way to pay for the food without having to rely on weekly donations…hence Gracelette was born! It started from a few sketches and now I work out of my home studio.

That’s so exciting! How, exactly, does the charity aspect play in to your company?

Proceeds from the line go to help buy the warm meals that feed hundreds of attendees. I just feel like the world is so cyclical and if we have to opportunity to help someone, that’s a blessing.

Gracelette You have really interesting packaging… what’s the story behind the test tubes?

I’m obsessed with packaging! Anything I buy for my home, from “boxed water” to beautiful olive oil bottles that look like designer perfumes, come in an interesting package. I wanted my customers to get this feel as well— that they have found a treasure…

Out of everything you’ve ever designed, which is your all-time favorite piece?

I love all of my pieces but my favorite piece at the moment are my midi gold ring sets. They are so easy to wear and make any outfit chic. They come complete with a set of 3 so you get that eclectic look one would achieve after hours shopping boutiques downtown.

What gets your inspired most?

Travel inspires me but I’m also inspired when least expected. When I’m relaxed and just browsing through a magazine or walking new streets-one idea leads to another.

Who is your style icon?

I really love Diane Kruger’s chic, understated style.

If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Jay-Z! I think he’s a lyrical genius and has a beautiful drive and balance.

What is your favorite restaurant in New York?

I usually love to go very casual but on special occasions, nothing beats Per Se!

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