Designer Spotlight: Ace & Everett

Ace & Everett Pocket Sqyares

In love with idea of the modern gentleman? New contemporary menswear brand, Ace & Everett has it on lock. Inspired by their late grandfather and WWII vet Raymond Everett Disch, Sr., cousins Cody Disch and Oliver English set out to create the premier menswear lifestyle brand for style conscious young professionals. “We wanted ways to show our personality and sense of style while still remaining within corporate boundaries,” says the co-founders. Their goal is simple: to provide timeless mens accessories for every occasion. “It’s not our goal to create the loudest socks on the market. We want them to be beautifully made, comfortable and most of all, approachable. They need to make sense for everyone.”

While their products won’t officially be on the market until late summer, we got an awesome sneak peek of their beautifully made socks [$28 a pair] and pocket squares [$60 - $85] while we discussed secret agents, appletinis, Richard Branson and Rio de Janeiro. Curious? Of course you are. Read on.

Q&A With Ace & Everett Founders, Oliver English & Cody Disch

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What’s your favorite place you’ve ever travelled?

Cody: Overall, probably Nairobi, Kenya. But recently I travelled to Barcelona and fell in love with the city and most of all, the architecture. What I love about traveling is connecting to people and seeing the different dynamic and culture in other areas.

Oliver: Rio de Janeiro. The streets of Rio, as far as the textiles, building textures and just the culture in general really inspire our designs.

What’s your background?

Cody: I grew up in New Jersey and attended college at Syracuse as a Financial and Entrepreneurship double major.

Oliver: I grew up right outside of Boston and went to Cornell. I was in the Hotel program with a focus in design and development. I’ve always had a passion for designing things, from interiors of restaurants to socks.

Who is your style icon?

Cody: Gianni Agnelli.

Oliver: I’m a fan of JFK. Also James Bond. For me it’s about timelessness with style. That’s what’s great about menswear, because it’s always going to be suits, dark jeans, tee shirts and great shoes. It’s always going to be about the details.

If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, alive or dead, who would it be?

Cody: Da Vinci.

Oliver: Richard Branson.

If you could switch careers and do anything, what would you pick?

Cody: I’d like to be an FBI agent or detective.

Oliver: I want to be James Bond, or like some high-level, fighter jet, secret agent mysterious guy.

What’s your favorite restaurant in New York?

Cody: La Esquina. It’s very authentic and simple and represents New York, to me.

Oliver: I’m a huge fan of the NoMad.

What’s your go-to cocktail?

Cody: Probably an appletini. Kidding! I like merlot.

Oliver: Manhattan, on the rocks.

Ace & Everett Pocket Squares

What does Ace & Everett mean?

The name is inspired by our grandfather. He was also known for being incredibly dapper. He always wore a 3-piece suit and always wore a pocket square and was very sharp and meticulous. As a business man, he was very well-respected in the community for being a stand-up, honorable, hard-working guy. His legacy really inspires us and everything we do, from how we look at fashion to how we build our company and how we look at ourselves. His middle name was Everett and his nickname was Ace, which speaks to the duality of the man our company speaks to. While Everett is hard-working, determined and steadfast, Ace is flamboyant, life of the party. This speaks to the dueling personalities in our ideal customer, which will be explored in our company.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Our general design aesthetic is rooted in American prep, but also the European gentleman. We pick very complimentary colors inspired by travel, landscapes or markets that capture our attention and inspire us. We like to tell as story. With this premiere collection, we like to describe it as a modern interpretation of classical patterns. Our designer is Norwegian and has an industrial design background, so he brings that Scandinavian aesthetic as well.

You mentioned your products are all made in America? 

Yes, made in America is something that’s very important to us and our brand. In respect to our grandfather and his generation, they were the ones that built up this country across industries. We feel like it’s our privilege and almost our obligation to rebuild the industry. We want to support American craftsmanship. This generation, and especially the millennials really care, value and look for products that are made in America, and we’ve found that people are willing to spend the extra few dollars to support that.

What’s next for Ace & Everett?

We want to become a contemporary lifestyle brand. Socks and pocket squares are just the beginning. Things that are on the table would be ties, suspenders, cuff links, vintage barware, notebooks, pens, travel cases and even hosting events. We’ve got a lot in store! Also, we’d like to open a brick and mortar downtown in Manhattan that would have a custom monogram experience, and it will be more of a concept shop than a standard store. Also, monogramming. Everybody loves to look at their initials. We definitely want to incorporate that. We already are working with a client to customize monogrammed socks and pocket squares for his upcoming wedding.


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