7 Easy Ways To Up Your Style Game in 2015

So you’ve already messed up your no-carb new years resolution? Join the club. Have no fear, though, because we’re here to help you follow through with your style resolution while keeping your shopaholic tendencies under control. Here are 7 super simple steps to a more fashionable you.


1. Be A Basic Bitch

Forget what you’ve heard about being basic. A closet full of “basics” will actually change your life. It’s easier to dress well when you’ve got a lot of staples that pair well together. If you’re having trouble shopping for no-fuss basics, stick with neutral colors, classic shapes and traditional fabrics (skinny jeans, non-cropped t-shirts, flattering button downs, denim). And did we mention that these pieces are usually less expensive? Supplement your look with fun, trendy pieces you just had to buy (but can’t bear to wear in 8 months).

mansur bag

2. Become a Bag Lady

…and by Bag Lady, we don’t mean carry around multiple bags at once — just make sure you’ve got a few go-to shapes in your wardrobe. A classic tote, a bucket bag and a backpack will get your mini collection started. Stick with neutral colors that you can sport all year ’round. Accessorizing in general can make or break an outfit, and it all starts with your bag.

structured coat

3. Get a Structured Coat

Believe it or not, a tailored coat is an instant outfit-booster. Investing in one that has a distinct shape will ultimately make you look more chic and sophisticated, even on the chilliest of days.


4. Flats Can Trump Heels

Heels may be sexy, but they do not make you more stylish. Rocking a pair of rad flats can actually look cooler than heels because it looks effortless. And let’s be real: effortless is always fashionable. Invest in a sweet pair of brogues, sneakers or loafers for the winter months, then get yourself a pair of slides and thin strapped sandals for summer.

menswear - olivia palermo

5. Take A Hint From The Men In Your Life

Okay, okay — so it may not be safe to assume that the men in your life are stylish gentlemen. But in general, menswear is all about the details and the fit. This is not to say that you should trade in your dresses for a pant suit, but make sure everything you buy fits you properly. If it’s not flattering (no matter how trendy it is), don’t buy it.

black skinny jeans

6. Black Skinny Jeans Are Key

Getting a pair of really awesome black jeans will be the best wardrobe decision you make in 2015. We vote for high-waisted, but a pair of mid-rise will work just fine. Black skinny jeans go with literally everything, from a casual sweater on the weekends to a silk blouse and blazer for work.


7. Fads vs. Forevers

There comes a point in every gal’s life when we realize style isn’t all about buying the trendiest thing we can find at H&M every 2 weeks. It’s time to invest in clothing that is made well, fits well and will last forever. That’s not to say you shouldn’t get your trendier “fad” pieces at fast fashion shops.

What are your fashion resolutions for 2015?