Scentbird Makes You Smell Like a Million Bucks

Are you sick and tired of your Britney Spears Fantasy, your Theirry Mugler Angel? It’s time for a new scent, but the mere thought of heading to a department store to test smells can be a headache. New York City’s home to a new company that’ll solve your fragrance dilemma… and just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Studio Visit: Caru Skincare

Let’s face it: there are an endless number of skincare companies out there. Most claim to do wonders for your skin and change the way you feel and look. But New York City… Read More

Why Kalyn of Gallivanting Girls Is The Queen of Vintage Decor

Kalyn McCutcheon of Gallivanting Girls capitalizes on her love for used “junk.” You know what they say, one person’s trash is another one’s treasure, and that idiom has never rung more true that to this online shop owner.

Studio Visit: Julie Thevenot Jewelry

Julie Thevenot was born in the South of France. She studied art and graphic design in Paris before she ventured to NYC to fulfill her 15-year-old dream of becoming a designer. She arrived in the city… Read More

Studio Visit: Brooklyn Candle Studio

We had the fantastic opportunity to chat with Tamara Mayne of Brooklyn Candle Studio, smell all of her crazy-awesome candles and chat about inspirations, sustainability and of course: favorite restaurants!

Studio Visit: Commune and Memoir

Commune and Memoir is a cool new brand that’s taking word play to a new dimension. We interviewed founder and designer Laura De Valencia to learn more.

Why Maialino’s Jason Pfeifer Should Be Your New Favorite Chef

We had a chance to sit down with the ultra talented Jason Pfeifer of Maialino to learn more about his passions, guilty pleasures and what he recommends at one of NYC’s best Italian restos!

Why Breads Bakery Is The Best Bakery in NYC

We chatted with Uri & Gadi of Breads Bakery about the secret to their famous Nutella and chocolate babka — recipe included!

Studio Visit: Shahista Lalani

Shahista Lalani is a Canadian-born fashion designer based in New York City. Growing up in a family involved in the dry cleaning industry for over 30 years has allowed her to master fabrics and textiles, as… Read More

Studio Visit: Ace & Everett

In love with idea of the modern gentleman? New contemporary menswear brand, Ace & Everett has it on lock. Inspired by their late grandfather and WWII vet Raymond Everett Disch, Sr., cousins Cody Disch and… Read More

Chef Jason Guttilla’s Heavenly Bacon Pizza

As an ambitious freelance caterer and chef here in New York City, Jason Guttilla dreams of owning his own restaurant. With an undergraduate degree in Marketing and as a recent graduate from the International… Read More

Studio Visit: Digby & Iona

We found ourselves walking into an empty but large artist space in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn to see where the magic happens behind the jewelry brand, Digby & Iona. The small studio space is… Read More

Cool Off with Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches

In this almost unbearable heat wave, it’s totally acceptable to break your good eating habits with a refreshing, cold treat. Especially when that treat is an ice cream sandwich from Coolhaus. After all,… Read More

Studio Visit: Bold Emblem

We recently discovered a trendy, online jewelry boutique via Instagram, BOLD EMBLEM [@bold_emblem] and fell in love with the pieces and the prices. We also love their styling point of view on some of… Read More

Studio Visit: Julie Vos

Jewelry designer, Julie Vos launched her collection in 2006 and has been a leading name in the jewelry market for classic affordable luxury. Her gorgeous and elegant pieces have appeared in Marie Claire,… Read More

Eating & Cancer: 8 Food Questions with Survivor Allison W. Gryphon

by Jessie Losch Because of the overwhelmingly positive response to our last post on this topic, Allison W. Gryphon is back — and this time, she’s tackling food, nutrition and how to eat… Read More

What the F@#- is Cancer

By Jessie Losch Allison Gryphon is a novelist and filmmaker.  She also sports the edgy haircut common to young actresses on the Oscar circuit [think Anne Hathaway & Charlize Theron] and, as in… Read More



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